Who we are

A team that loves to create

Kits4u is a Electronics&Robotic Store Which is providing you services since we opened it in 2k17.We have a very talented team who is passionate to fulfill your demands.we provides you tools and Components that you really need to design something innovative in the world of Technology.So the Mission of our Team is to Provide you services to your Homes.

We Provides Services that you really needed.... 

What we do

We have everything you need and the purpose of our Company is to provide you the services to your homes at best prices.We provides you many types of on demand services like PCB designing,circuit designing,Programming Codes of various Microcontrollers,Robotic Kits,Various types of Components and Sensors used in Circuits.

We are a helping hand for the People who want to Create some Innovative Technology.

Want to know in detail about our services kindly check our Services Page.